Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Etsy shout-out: Sky Koltun

Last month I ordered some jewelry from Etsy from Sky Koltun, a native New Yorker making original pieces.

I bought her Philosophy bracelet, in the petite size (meaning it doesn't rach quite so far up my arm as the "regular" size).

Philosophy bracelet (her picture)

Her Joan of Arc bracelet, in all silver (it also comes in a silver/copper/gold style as well).

Joan of Arc bracelet (her picture)

Her labradorite/silver ring.

Labradorite ring (her picture!)

Each of these was as beautiful in person as in her photographs, and make quite a statement. I love them. They are simple, stunning pieces that work with my classic/casual style: they go as well with jeans as with a sheath dress and coat.

I don't buy a lot of jewelry, although I've accumulated a fair amount over time. I don't feel comfortable with the oversized jewelry advertised for women my age, or flashy pieces made without great technical skill as cheaply reproduced pieces (and therefore found everywhere, worn by everyone...). I also don't buy "statement" pieces -- which I consider these three to be -- usually, because that makes me uncomfortable.
However! All these pieces are great investments for me, because they will last (well-made!) and are simply elegant. Each piece will improve the outfit I match it to, but not overwhelm the clothes.

And I like them!

I couldn't ask for more.  

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