Sunday, December 7, 2008

Xmas in the 'burb

About two weeks ago Christmas lights went up here in the 'burb. I've been meaning to take pictures of them, but either haven't been out at night or haven't been out at night with my camera.

But here they are. This one is outside my studio. It also has flashing white lights that cycle through the design and Flash! constantly. I couldn't catch those flashes on this picture or any of the others, either. But in fairness, you really have to be watching closely to catch the flashes.
The lights are pretty, but not nearly as bright or sparkly as American Christmas lights in most places. This one hangs in the cross-street just south of the studio.

I think this one is my favorite. The design looks like big dandelion puffs, and again they flash. This one hangs in the next cross-street. Unlike all the other ones, it has gold lights. It's a bit unfocused.

None of the lights have a specifically "Christmas" design or feel, beyond appearing late in November. No Santa Claus, no red-and-green, etc. This is the main street:

You can also see how many pharmacies there are within a three-block walk. The green crosses mark their locations.

Tomorrow I'll be out and about again, and I'll look for more signs of the holiday season here in Paris.