Saturday, February 12, 2011

Express Checkout Wardrobe--New Thoughts

Yesterday as I sat in a very long, very slow meeting (4 hour+, people!) I decided what I needed to add to my current wardrobe for 2011:
  • nude pumps either closed or peep-toe with 2" heel or higher.
  • a cream sweater, heavy enough for warmth but could stand alone, not bulky (these two from Etsy)
  • gray flannel trousers
  • a red cashmere sweater, perhaps Eric Bompard in the next sale?
  • a plain black dress, probably from TravelSmith
Each of the above fills a gap in my current wardrobe.

I've found the shoes already, and might order them over the 'net. 3" heels, peep-toes, patent leather... slightly outside my usual choices.

I've also got my eye on the red cashmere and the black dress. I'll definitely wait on the sale for the cashmere, but Bompard has a gorgeous shade of lipstick red that would be great--on sale. The dress never goes on sale, but it isn't actually a necessity; it will roundout my wardrobe and be incredibly useful, but can wait.

The trousers are the most difficult, in part because of my petite height and rounded shape. I'd like a style in rather formal trousers in a good weight wool, which emans shopping arund as I did for the "perfect" white blouse. Finding a fit that works on my body is tough. Also tough because they're winter/fall weight, and it's a bit late in the season for them.

Don't you love the Etsy sweaters above? Both appeal to me (the second one especially), but I am also thinking about trying to crochet my own. Which might be a huge mistake, but I have a rather specific idea about what I want. I don't own any sweaters that are outside the traditional styles, but I think this kind of investment would be a real shot for my rather traditional closet.


  1. I have nude pumps on my to get list as well. I really like the first Etsy sweater.

  2. Both are great. I am afraid that I'll drag the sleeves of the first one thru spaghetti sauce or something. I do not usually contemplate white sweaters for that reason.


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