Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4... more unprecedented!

Wow! Last night 3-4 inches of powder fell in the Big D, which means Snowpocalypse... as someone else has dubbed it... lives on.

View from my door at 11 am, which is about as far as my wussy butt wants to go (last one's fuzzy because IT WAS COLD!) -- below 21 degrees... oh, now I see it is 25!

And of course all that snow lies on top of the sheeted ice which never melted.

Have at it, Big D!

Of course... since being snowed in I have managed to:
  • empty 2 inboxes
  • read and correct 2 assignments and finish putting comments on last semester's student plays
  • baked blueberry and cranberry muffins
  • decluttered several stacks of papers
  • burned a pile of CDs to laptop; CDs now ready for selling
  • written 20 pages on my newest novel (which fits my goal of 5 pages per day)
  • sent completed novel to my publisher
  • filled 2 boxes with discarded books
  • caught up on Hulu queue of new shows
  • talked to my retirement investment counselor by phone and changed allocations
  • continued to organize project at school
  • had two hot baths
  • washed loads of dishes
  • revamped one syllabus for this semester
  • play with Jack daily
  • and plan today to continue with 2 more stacks of papers, books, CDs, and DVDs for big sale, maybe bake banana bread, post pictures to Flickr account, unload dishwasher for third time, and take third hot bath...
Got anything more, weather gods?

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  1. Is the 4th day due to rolling blackouts? In any event, you have been VERY productive. Who is your publisher?


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