Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Week, Student Project

My student playwrights are over the moon about their projects. Every one of them has rewritten their script nearly in its entirety -- one writers said, "I have about 2 lines left of my original version!"--and they plan to continue.

Now comes marketing, publicity, and selling tickets.

I have been contacting groups about free tickets, trying to target appropriate groups for each play's content and author. I have been mailing postcards for students about invitations and free tickets. I have created a poster. I will start with programs on Wednesday... "no budget" means do-it-yourself.

I have had two interviews for internal marketing. I am seeking more interviews for outside publicity.

Sigh. And answering about 30 emails and phone calls daily about scheduling, programming, conflicts, staging questions, and so forth.

It is great, exciting, wonderful... and I hope we'll get audiences!

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