Saturday, February 5, 2011

At the end of Day Four: Snowpocalypse

Yesterday I:
  • caught up on The Daily Show (3 weeks)
  • cooked my favorite carrot soup
  • washed dishes in dishwasher and by hand
  • responded to email, including Facebook
  • posted pictures on Facebook
  • burned 15+ CDs into iTunes library so I can sell CDs
  • culled out another 10 CDs for burning/selling
  • approved new retirement allocation
  • scheduled March payments for March bills
  • scheduled transfer into savings of last week's grocery savings
  • juiced 10 Texas red grapefruits slowly going bad on my dining room table
  • blogged
  • played with Jack
  • rescheduled this week's friendly lunch, friendly dinner, and curricular events for for next week
  • rescheduled doctor's appointment and lease-signing meeting
  • continued to organize student project taking place in 5 weeks
  • started next Goodwill bundle while also cataloging my current wardrobe
  • organized year's savings plans through December 2011
  • made a date for brunch tomorrow at my favorite restaurant, to signal end of Snowpocalypse
  • resent manuscript+ in correct format (duh!)
  • wrote 5 new pages of new manuscript!
  • made pantry/freezer/fridge challenge for February 2011
Not bad for being snowbound, Day 4.

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  1. impressivo! i need to work to keep up...


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