Friday, February 18, 2011

If I were in Paris... Friday, February 18

If I were in Paris today...
I'm pretty sure I'd want to see two exhibitions at the Musee du quai Branly that just opened and are only showing for a short period.

First, an exhibition curated by Christian Lecroix, "L'Orient des Femmes vu par Christian Lacroix." With 150 costumes from the Middle East. I imagine it is fantastic, although my scholar-self says, Colonial much? What is the agenda of having Christian Lacroix curate such an exhibition? He isn't an art historian, an anthropologist, a cultural historian, or a student of Middle Eastern or gender work. He is a fashion designer and an artist. Probably a lot of beautiful and fascinating material, but I have to wonder how it is contextualized.

Then, "La Fabrique des Images." Five continents, 160 images... an exhibition that presents the theme of the construction of images of man. It sounds fantastic.

The museum itself is a site for the exhibition, discussion, study, and meeting of and about the cultures of African, Asian, Oceanic, and American cultures. It has a great website. I'm about ready to give my money to them right now.

Tonight, at the Swan Bar in Montparnasse, at 9:30, I could go see the Tara Petis-Pas Trio play bluesy jazz. I don't go to see jazz much,but this sounds like an interesting way to end a cool day in Paris.

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