Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Resolution Bunch #1: Resources

Resources: time, money, energy, skills, talent.

For 2013, my resolutions include some management of my old favorites, those you can't ever completely "conquer."
  • Pay off credit cards and maintain my good credit rating.
  • Save some now and for retirement.
  • Work smarter, not harder -- in terms of time.
  • Cook smarter, not harder -- in terms of using time and money.
  • Continue to develop frugal and minimalist habits and mind-set.
These are all rather general, of course, so let's be specific.
  1. Make a current will, power of attorney, and other key documents, "just in case."
  2. Meet with retirement reps and get a sense of my forward progress (changes?)
  3. Save two months' worth of salary (for emergencies).
  4. Develop/strengthen my freelance writing work-brand.
  5. Develop six new habits of frugality (TBA).
  6. Budget time to include work/job, work/freelance, community, health, solo time... and stick to it.  
And a new one for 2013: Take the first three steps to building my own house, which include
  • talk to friends who have bought and sold houses
  • meet with the company who make the pre-fab houses I want to build
  • visit the Northwest and look at the area in detail, with the notion of buying land

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