Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Resolution Bunch #3: Creative Life

Creative Life: writing, style, photographs and painting, new ideas and making them into something tangible. Primarily, for me this refers to my work as a writer and academic and teacher, but I believe creativity extends into all areas of life.

In 2013, I plan to stimulate my creative spark every month into a new project, as well as make collaborations with other creative people. This worked very well last year, mostly in the area of teaching.

But I need new projects, too -- like taking up photography again and getting back to sewing.

Resolutions 2013:
  • Finish one new play and have a draft reading.
  • Finish three new novels and get them in the publishing pipeline.
  • Buy a new camera.
  • Set out a local photo project.
  • Print and frame three photos from Paris.
  • Blog consistently, keeping content fresh.
  • Take sewing class.
  • Set out photo & blog project for London in June.

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