Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goals for March 2011

Already! It's March and I'm trying to set goals.

February got sucked into the "student project" vortex, and actually, I'll still be there until 3.11. The outcome is completely worth it, but time has been scarce for anything else.

With that in mind, here's what I want to do in March:
  • start moving into the new apartment (and maybe finishing, too!)
  • sell several things out of the old apartment on Craigslist and Amazon
  • continue the pantry challenge into and through March, so I won't be moving all that food
  • ride the bike to school twice weekly
  • go to the batting cages once a week
  • read 5 books on my list of 50
  • find a site to learn to shoot

In addition, I want to plan my summer completely, given that I probably won't be teaching any classes. I intend to go to Utah to see a friend at the Shakespeare Festival there, but otherwise to stay in Big D. I will be writing a lot, riding the bike, decorating the apartment, and doing research. And... ?

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  1. Batting cages? And learning to shoot? These are interesting goals.


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