Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Frugal Challenge

Another one, me to me...

Clean out the damn freezer and pantry!

I need to cut 15% of my expenses overall, and my biggest one (outside of rent) is food, which in my "categories" includes buying groceries and liquor for the house, and eating out.

Soooo... first stop is emptying the pantry, fridge, and freezer of food I have already purchased.

Step two is to stop wasting food--mostly over-bought fruit and vegetables--that go bad before I eat them.

Step three is to buy wisely, which leads to cooking (and eating) wisely. In part by cutting my spending, consciously, from about $60 a week to $45 a week... including Jack's food, which has increased $.20/can, or $.40/day. And it matters to me that he eats healthy food.

So for February: grocery money can only go to replace dairy, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. And cat food. Spending only $45/week (which will be no more than $180/month--huge for one person!) and utilizing resources creatively. I have, for example, potatoes, beans, rice, pasta, chicken stock in the cupboards; meat and fish, berries, coffee, potatoes, more stock, and veggies in freezer; apples, lemons, carrots stockpiled in fridge.

If I can save, that will be $60 for savings account, as well as anything else I can find from coupons, sales, and gift cards.

Today: made carrot soup and banana bread for weekend. So much for carrots, but 5-6 servings of the most delicious soup, all natural!

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