Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blessings in Disguise

Surprises came up in the past couple of days.

First, I got a second birthday postcard for a free Starbuck's drink...

And someone gave me a free copy of the Patti Smith book that I'd been dying to read.

Then, my neighbor noticed the weight I'd lost and commented on it when we met in the courtyard this morning. Confirmed I actually look better and yes, have lost weight.

I got a ticket for running a stop sign, by an Anderson Cooper-like cop... which was actually a good thing since I was not driving mindfully. Yes, I earned the ticket. But he also advised me how to get out of it.

I got a phone call I'd been waiting for since early December, the kind of life-changing phone call that makes one aware of the big ol' universe... in a good way. I'd pretty much given up on it.


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