Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Frugality Tuesday -- Report!

This week, not so good. Last week, I ate out too many times: two lunches on my own, and a lunch with a colleague to discuss this student project I started yesterday (she's my faculty director). I bought her lunch, too, so that's actually four lunches I paid for last week.


And you know what I proved to myself? Don't go without making your lunch ahead of time! Pack a lunch and take it with you, including a morning and afternoon snack. Eat breakfast!

This week I only spent $29 in groceries, which is $16 under budget, but those extra lunches added up.

Today I meet to sign the new lease, too, which means I am paying out two months' rent plus pet deposit. A chunk of change in one check. Before that, I am getting my hair cut and, because it is deep winter, highlighted (which I do only in the middle of winter).

This means that I am about -$100 where I should be with two weeks to go in the month. Fortunately, I have gift cards, received for my birthday, and discounts, also birthday goods! And, frankly, a pantry still full of rice, beans, pasta, tuna, and tomatoes. No worries, then, just better preparation and planning.

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