Thursday, February 10, 2011

Express Checkout Experiment, or Living with a Smaller Closet

This semester thus far the continued experiment has been a bit of a bust. This week and last week, Snowpocalypse--or as my friend referred to it, Kaiser Snowze--has stomped its big snowy foot all over everything.

Thank goodness I bought the motorcycle boots!

At least they have waffled soles and don't slip 'n' slide like all myother shoes/boots. Right now, that's better than a fashion statement.

I have found myself dressing warmly, rather than stylishly, only because apparently I gave away all my heavy sweaters... thinking, hey. I live in the Big D and it is never that cold here. Foolish me! In any case, it's been jeans and house clothes, since even going out to remove garbage is slickly dangerous and cooooooollllllddddd! (I have become a wuss in the last decade!

I indeed have the 20 items carefully set, but with only one day of classes per week, I think I have to get radical. Meaning, I have to dress well even when I don't go out into the world. It is very true: when staying home, one should still dress (and act) professionally, because it does give you a leg up on feeling as if you're not simply "at home" lounging and careless. The same goes, I find, for showering, putting on makeup, and making real meals (like lunch) despite working at a desk at home. It is too easy to be sloppy and comfy, and the sacrifice is, frankly, time.

This will be a big shift for me. I tend to come home and change completely from "outside" clothes. I take off shoes, fold and hang up clothes to air out, and this does mean they last longer. I can also clean or cook easily, since putting on an apron or rubber gloves is all I have to add.

But yes, being in "inside" clothes means, too often, time slipping away. Not being focused enough.

Perhaps I won't go as far as skirts and dresses, but beyond sweats, flannels, and yoga clothes. And socks.

This weekend's plans: visiting the consignment store, finally.


  1. Nice looking boots! I think unusual weather extremes really throw a wrench into the limited wardrobe challenges, but good for you for dressing at home!

  2. wishing you well on your shopping this weekend. I have been dressing in multiple layers all week--I have on silk underwear, long black tights, and black slacks over that. Frigid temps, better than 10 degrees below zero...and yet, classes go on.


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