Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confession: Minimalism... maybe not

I may not be a minimalist.

Probably not.

While I have been joyfully shedding clutter (and will continue to do so as I move), it is clear that I will never live in a room like this.

First, I am a disaster in an all-white room. Coffee, red wine, Jack the cat.

Second, I am also dangerous to myself around sharp corners and hard surfaces.

Third, this room just feels empty and cold to me.

But I love these.

A minimalist house doesn't have to be bare or cold or empty. In fact, it shouldn't be any of those things at all. It should simply be free of the non-essentials in one's own life.

I won't get rid of my books, for example. Besides adding color and texture and personality to my rooms, I realize that many of my books carry memories for me in a way that makes them important objects in my life. They're not clutter--well, most of them. I am certain that moving will shed me of the remaining non-essentials, but still keep me in need of 5-6 bookcases. That's just who I am.

My goal for my living space--whether house, apartment, or hotel room--is a user-friendly, serene, elegant space that includes color, texture, comfort, and surprise. A place that is clean and easy to keep clean (since I am not a Virgo!) and welcoming to friends. Where I don't rattle around alone. Where my memories and affections live, too.


  1. That top picture is just extreme. Brrr. Love that top yellow bedroom though. I like seeing *space* in a room. (Probably why I'm always fantasizing about living in a converted industrial loft.)

  2. For me, it is spaciousness that is the most important quality. Minimizing clutter can make even a small room seem that way. Agree with you about the books. They are NOT clutter.

  3. I also love the idea of lofts: open flowing space. That yellow bedroom with the big windows and very clean bedside tables is great.


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