Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frugal Pantry Challenge, Week 2

I am pleased to say this week was successful from my point of view.
  1. cooked skirt steak with salsa in the slow cooker (freezer and pantry ingredients)
  2. continued to eat carrot soup, as well as gave some away to a friend
  3. cut up and bagged fresh asparagus, celery and peppers for snacks
  4. made another loaf of banana bread to take advantage of browning bananas (pantry)
  5. paoched salmon with Old Bay (freezer)
This coming week, I plan to:
  • make red beans and rice (pantry ingredients)
  • follow up with lentil soup (pantry ingredient)
  • make cranberry-orange muffins (freezer & pantry)
  • buy apples (on sale)
Checking through the cupboards and freezer once a week is now setting me on course for cooking and grocery shopping in a more efficient way. Besides, I don't want to move all those cans again!

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