Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Frugality, pt. 3

It's been some time since I wrote about my frugal plans. But as you can see, the coupon clipping paid off. Witness: new bike plus accessories.

I am still clipping, but the big reward I am giving myself next month is to pay off a credit card completely, using the monies I earned teaching summer school. This is not as huge as it sounds, perhaps, given that the balance is in the low four-figures (but the APR was 20-some%), but it is a great reward for me. The class has been great fun--and since it is the second time I have taught it, this gives me the chance to perfect a few rough places from the first run.

But the good news is being able to pay off the credit card and buy the sofa. Of course, buying the sofa also gave me a $150 gift card I can (and will!) use on IKEA items over time. Plus donating my former sofa to charity.

Sigh of relief.

The next frugal move is to talk my wireless/phone service, second credit card, and electricity down to better deals.

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