Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oy! Teaching!

Today was not a brilliant day in theatre history. We finished Roman theatre, focusing on acting, festivals, and the popular culture entertainment surrounding theatre.


Couldn't find the angle, the energy to make it an engaging class--which happens. The students didn't step up, either.

And... I'm bored. It happens, once every few months where I go through a massive boredom attack. Now. Which means I am over TV, Netflix, the stack of books I have piled up, and most everything else I can think of. Looking for something to engage my brain and imagination, which is harder than you think. Back to the current play?

Fortunately, I've got a paper coming up so I can focus on that. And it should be challenging, again because I've shaped an abstract with a HUGE subject: new ways of looking at actresses in late 19th-century Paris, connected to the new institutions of museums, department stores, photography, and flaneurie, a consideration of "seeing" that reconsiders how spectators saw the Actress. Visual culture, "seeing," the gaze, and spectatorship: really cool stuff.


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  1. that is a really exciting subject - i can't wait to hear more!
    jen s


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