Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off on an adventure!

Sorry to be so spotty about entries lately. I am off today to Savannah, Georgia, to a conference and have been writing and prepping my presentation over the last week. It is al-most ready to go, which is good, although I am not up until tomorrow at 4 pm.

Very excited about going to Savannah, which is a place I have never been before. I plan to visit the home of Juliette Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts, as well as do a walking tour of the historical sites on Saturday. And eat good Low Country cooking and barbecue.

My presentation is on William Gillette, the American actor who created the persona of Sherlock Holmes for the stage, which then made its way into film and television. I am talking about the enduring legacy of Gillette, even in the newest batch of Holmes films and programming.

William Gillette, about the turn of the century

Gillette as Holmes on stage

Gillette was an inventor and playwright as well as actor, and left his "castle" in Connecticut, which one can still visit. He was a friend and protege of Mark Twain.

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