Friday, September 9, 2011

And... we're off!

Three full weeks into the semester and it feels like the sprinting part is over. Now for the marathon!

So far, my semester has been wonderful. I teach one class of sophomores, one of juniors, one of seniors (all these are undergraduates), and one class for night-school graduate students getting their Master of Liberal Studies degrees. Quite the variety of experiential knowledge and individual behavior. out of the gate, the juniors (closely followed by the night-school group) are the best students: energetic, vibrant, joyful, and curious.

We've also had one week of break from the dense heat of north central Texas--and while I am mindful of my fellow Americans being hammered by Irene and other storms, brush fires and droughts, the fact is that it is a blessing to have days where one can go outside during the day and not simply feel ill from the heat and pollution. My parents lost power for four days during Irene, but had little else happened except a basement flood. My sister lost some shingles and got her house soaked, of course, but also very little real damage.

Because I spent the week not only in classes (14 hours weekly in class, about double that in preparation!) but student and committee meetings, I am behind in my own housework. I must putter today, cleaning out email boxes as well as real boxes, bins, sinks, and showers.

I hope you are all well.

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