Monday, April 1, 2013

Good news, Bad news... April Fool's Day

This was a weekend full of errands, and the week ahead is full of commitments.

Good news: I replaced my spare (and an old tire with a HUGE hole) with a new tire... for a decent price, in less than an hour on Saturday morning that I spent reading in a sunny waiting room. Bonus: I turned down a free yet totally ugly baseball hat.

Good news: made a HUGE drop-off at Goodwill.

Good news: donated excess pantry goods, cosmetics and toiletries to students. Free stuff! Out of my house and into theirs. Score!

Bad news: pollen count and blooming trees make for allegens floating into my sinus passages in mad amounts.

Bad news: I must take my new/old car into the Honda dealer to replace all power brake hoses.

Good news: I will get reimbursed for the $450.00 I paid out in 9.12 for replacing only one hose, due to same recall. Huzzah! And the replacement hoses will be replaced for free! Double Huzzah!

Bad news: my nights will be full of students' plays through Sunday... no time to myself, or for class prep or grading or anything else... wait--is that bad?

Bad news: I've got one extra class and two meetings this week on top of all I'm doing...

Good news: I'm getting paid for the extra lecture. Oh, and I'm showing a movie in one class on Thursday...

Good news: I returned 3 out of 4 items ordered from a catalog to the store in town (no mailing charges), and found 3 better items, using a coupon to save mailing costs again. A pretty equal trade, but I am coming out of it with more useful, better-looking items.

The best news is that I found a clothing steamer. Yes: "found" one. I had been thinking about buying one to use instead of an ironing board, but couldn't really justify the expense. However, one of my fellow tenants who was moving put his out on the curb. I took it home, washed it out with vinegar and green cleaner, and tried it out last night. Great news: it works, and steamed the wrinkles out of four shirts in practically no time. I found the model online and it has mixed reviews... which might be why it was out on the curb. I'll see how long I can make it work. But it was free!

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