Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shaking it off... and moving on

Last night I took a friend to a departmental event. For the second time this semester, the friend turned to me and said, "Really? C'mon--really? This is it?" I had no answer. That was indeed "it." Disappointing.

The same friend and I had coffee this morning, and she told me to shake it off. Shake. It. Off. In other words, don't obsess about a situation I had nothing to do with, can't change, and can only get into a tizzy about.

She's right.

As I have been feeling all week, this is a signpost in the road. Now it has become a Big Glaring Red Neon Signpost...

The next step is an anvil on my head, dudes!

What does the sign say?

I want to avoid the anvil.

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