Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yesterday's Coup

Saturday, I made a coup at Buffalo Exchange here in the Big D.

Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store chain that buys and sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. I managed to get them to take two coats and three dresses, receiving in exchange scrip to use in their store. A decent amount, too. The rest of the stuff, that they didn't take, will go directly to Goodwill next week.

I've been meaning to check them out again for some time (in July I got shot down with an armload of coats). I am also told to bring said coats back in 2-3 weeks for successful sale/trade; I have two pairs of boots, too.


Part of my clearing out the closet action. These were clothes I bought and never wore, or clothes I bought and didn't wear because I felt wrong in them, or in one case something given to me I didn't particularly like. Three great reasons to unload clothing so someone else can love it. And Goodwill will take the rest.


  1. I bet the Buffalo Exchange where you are has better work stuff than ours here in laid-back Portland. They sometimes take my work clothes but not often enough. Glad you have good luck with them!

  2. Thanks! B.E. didn't take my "casual work" clothing, especially the stuff with Coldwater Creek labels. But I am grateful they took some, so can't complain.


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