Monday, October 31, 2011

My Favorite Things: "Soul Driver" by Bruce Springsteen

What a weekend! I found myself driving south to San Marcos, Texas, to see a play, then driving back... 24 hours for the entire trip, 10 of which I spent on the road. But I stopped for barbecue going south, and you know I love me some barbecue.

The rest of the weekend was cleaning house, putting closets and drawers in order because the autumn weather is FINALLY here and I am wearing sweaters and jeans and socks and warm jackets. Wow! I ahve all my windows open, so the house is chilly... but full of fresh, cool air. I wear thick socks and a sweater or sweatshirt indoors, and I don't care!

This coming week is all about finishing the mid-term grading, planning for the end of the semester, ordering books for next semester... and moving forward. I feel healthy and in a pretty good place.

In that spirit, I offer "Soul Driver" by Bruce Springsteen.

This is, hands down, my favorite Bruce ballad. Rare footage of rehearsal, and the best version available. I've never heard this live in concert. Also shows how very good a guitarist Bruce is, right up front.

In the recorded version, I love the moment when he laughs!

When I get married, this will be my wedding song. Down the aisle, first dance, whatever.

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