Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three things I am happy about today...

1. Tonight is my night class: my adult writers are a great bunch, taking all sorts of risks. I love this class!

2. This week I wrote 15 pages of my novel-in-progress, and I'm not done yet.

3. I've been sleeping like a baby all week--no insomnia, no restless nights. Makes a huge difference in how my days go.

All this makes me aware that focusing on simple pleasures demonstrates how lucky I am.


  1. Is your fruit a tribute to Woody Allen's list from Manhattan of things worth living for? - New York, Gershwin, Tracey's face, Cezanne's amazing apples.

  2. Not intentionally, although I agree with all those things. Just one of my favorite sets of "simple" pictures -- always makes me happy.


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