Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stay at home

Today I stayed in the apartment nearly all day. I took a break after lunch to walk downhill to the grocery store and buy a few things I needed as well as check it out in general. This is a Carrefour at Place Pigalle, only about a ten-minute walk; it is the big grocery store in this neighborhood, I guess, and until I figure out the best individual cheese store, bakery, and fresh market in walking distance, that will be where I shop.

Then I walked back... up up UP the hill and up the five flight of stairs.

Bad news: it's still a hike straight up from anywhere.

Good news: I got to the apartment (the pinnacle) and my thighs and heart weren't fighting it out over which one was going to kill me first. Neither were happy, don't think that, but this is progress. Already.

So what did I do today, since I stayed in? I edited the manuscript (more to do), I wrote the first page of my conference paper for July and outlined the next two beats, I handled email. I am about to start translating some Moliere now, so see you later.

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