Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trip to San Angelo

This weekend, I drove to San Angelo to see and respond to an original play.

On the ride there, I saw this mosaic at a rest stop. Yes, it is a longhorn puffing out heated breaths and a pair of boots. Because nothing says "Texas in a ladies rest room" like a longhorn and boots.

All the way back on Saturday, there was heavy cloud cover and rain. The Hill Country--that part of central-west Texas--is flat land, primarily used for farming along the roads I drove.

These blue tin chickens were huddled up outside a small town.

Cotton fields in full blossom.

And, last, a herd of goats resting roadside just as the sun came up (heavily muffled by cloud cover).

As I got closer, I noticed something about the goats...

Zombie eyes...


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