Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back in town

Yes, last week was crazy... This week IS crazy... next week should be back down to ORANGE levels.

My list from last week:
  • last 3 days of classes DONE!
  • 1 last research paper -- being graded
  • 2 "final" meetings -- with no final, just handing in final projects
  • 8 5 final meetings with students about original scripts
  • 1 final (official) -- review session completed yesterday
  • 38  26 individual student evaluations to be written, copied, handed out to students in 3 rounds of face-to-face meetings -- round 1 today
  • 2 student projects to be seen DONE!
  • and grading, grading, grading until 12.15

Yes, it is not exactly time for champagne, but with one party looming, three friend-dinners scheduled, Christmas shopping completed, I am actually seeing the end of the tunnel. I am also managing to eat and sleep better than last week, so I feel better (funny how that works!).
The biggest challenge for us this time of the year are the individual student evaluations we write--1 for each student in each class--and deliver in teaching teams. It is a time-consuming process that enables each student to understand where she or he stands and what he or she must work on in future. I have 38 evaluations to be written, copied, handed out, and filed. Leading to discussions with each individual students during the three meetings. And finals, final projects, and final grades, which are due 48 hours after the final--for the convenience of the Registrar's office, not the professor. Just another way the administration "structures" our teaching.
Then, finally, I will have five days just to DO NOTHING before holidays at the parents. Yes, clean house and car. Yes, ride bike and cull closets and drawers. Yes, go to early matinees and see holiday movies even my nephews won't want to see. Heaven!

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