Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas wish list

Current standings:
  1. last 3 days of classes DONE!
  2. 1 last research paper -- being graded
  3. 2 1 "final" meetings -- with no final, just handing in final projects
  4. 8 5 3 final meetings with students about original scripts
  5. 1 final (official) -- review session completed yesterday
  6. 38 26 individual student evaluations to be written, copied, handed out to students in 3 rounds of face-to-face meetings -- round 1 today round 2 today
  7. 2 student projects to be seen DONE!
  8. and grading, grading, grading until 12.15

Yesterday was an action-packed round of student evaluations, student meetings, and talking talking talking... 
Today is more fo the same: 2 meetings, 11 evaluations, and 1 meeting wtih a colleague. Then 2 hours of blissful at-home grading/final-making.

I've already turned in my wishlist to Santa, but here are some things I wuld love to get.

Le Creuset baking set, now onsale at cobalt, of course.

Blue oxford boyfriend shirt at J. Jill, also onsale.

Gold link/chain bracelet. This is just an example-hint.

Gift card for my new e-reader (to be opened Xmas morning)--so I can buy and download books.

Brown and black leather belts, good quality, mostly for wear with jeans and trousers. These are Banana Republic, but this is not the most difficult gift choice to find...

I had a hard time coming up with these. I've been doing such a good job decluttering and moving things out, rethinking what I already have, that these are what's left as real "need to haves." I'm actually impressing myself, right now!

Oh, and this!

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