Saturday, December 11, 2010

Counting Down!

End-of-the-week assessment, but I am still very much in the middle of things....
  1. last 3 days of classes DONE!
  2. 1 last research paper -- being graded
  3. 2 1 "final" meetings -- with no final, just handing in final projects
  4. 8 5 3 2 final meetings with students about original scripts: would be done but two students "failed" to show for originally scheduled meetings, had to re-schedule for Monday (sigh)
  5. 1 final (official) -- review session completed yesterday -- Grading in process!
  6. 38 26 individual student evaluations to be written, copied, handed out to students in 3 rounds of face-to-face meetings -- round 1 today round 2 today
  7. 2 student projects to be seen DONE!
  8. and grading, grading, grading until 12.15
A loooong week, nearly done. Three days without tests or evaluations, only writing and grading. Oh, and two parties!

Also--more Christmas wishes, now that I think about it.

Basic Travelsmith easy travel dress. I had one ofthese for a decade, and it finally died. Most useful peice of clothing I ever had, and one for which I received tons of compliments.

A variation on the same. Of course, I would get it in black.

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