Thursday, December 23, 2010

At the homestead

I am back east for the holidays, and there is nary a sign of snow yet. Bone dry and windy. I thought I'd share these photos from last Christmas when there was more then enough snow in my little hometown.

One very snowy winter morning in the middle of our small town. Looks like a traditional little village, almost like a Christmas card, non? The church is the one where I sang in the Sunday choir all through high school, a Dutch Reformed Church (Presbyterian), located on the north side of the village green, visible in the first picture. One would never guess that hippies used to squat in tents on that same green, would you?

It is an interesting little town with an interesting past, now settled into an attractive and mysterious middle age... only one of the reasons I enjoy it so very much.

Jack and I are firmly established in house with my folks, where Jack has spent a lot of time lying under the Christmas tree, against the radiator.

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