Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A weird thing happened on the way to last Wednesday's post...

... it disappeared.


After I posted it.

Completely GONE.

Except for the pictures I'd included, which are still in my photo log for this blog.

I think I was so surprised it kept me from posting for the week...

And what happened? My grades got posted. My students graduated. My dean praised technology and promised lots of dollars to those of us who initiate a project, nearly any project, that uses it. The water heater in my Old Apartment busted and doused the first floor with water, ruining the laminate and (yesterday) crashing the cheap ceiling onto the floor (nothing of mine was ruined, and my landlord is being very "oh, well) about it all--!). I found and shredded documents from 18 years ago I had been hanging on to--like leases and checks and bills!

I slept a lot.

Quite a week. 

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