Thursday, May 26, 2011


Another interesting week!

Finally, after a month of planning, I am in Boston. In a lovely hotel room overlooking Copley Square. And last night I had a delicious dinner of lemon sole with one of the best martinis I've ever had. Seafood that doesn't have to be flown in... because they make it near here.... Ahhhh!

This morning was quiet. I was up in the wee hours because I never sleep well in a hotel the first night. I was able to watch the sun come up on the Charles, a few folks out sculling, and gradually note the increased traffic noise. The air is cool and crisp, and the day looks beautiful.

After a lifetime of going to conferences I finally (accidentally) figured out that to fly in one day early is a great thing! I have all day today to relax, putter, tinker with the paper, and tomorrow (at 8:10) I give it. Then drive off to my folks' house.

I may go back to have dinner at the same place tonight. It is only a block or so from the hotel and I didn't get to try the steamed mussles, fried clams, clam chowder, or apple pie. And a second perfect martini? Ahhh.

Being at a conference is excellent: you gain no weight, no charges actually go on your credit card, and people bring you things.  Like, just now, the housekeeper brought me more coffee packets and soap. I remember why I love taxis and room service.

Because this is my HUGE reward for finishing the move out of the Old Apartment. Yes: finito!

Monday and Tuesday I put in the final hours shredding documents, hauling garbage to the dumpster, and token-cleaning the apartment. I could only token-clean because, a week ago, the hot water heater rusted through its base and dumped gallons of water through the ceiling and onto the first floor. Since I am not living there, I walked in on the aftermath: my landlord had heard the deluge and turned off the water, but he hadn't done anything else. I saw the mess (puddles of water on the floor, dripping ceiling, buckled wooden laminate) and walked down to his apartment. "Oh, yeah," he said, "I was going to email you as soon as I sent these important business messages." O-kay.

I went back and mopped, laid out towels, and placed buckets/pans/vessels to catch the drips as best I could.
  • none of my belongings were affected by the water because I had moved out already and the little remaining stuff was out of the way
  • my renter's insurance can't be tapped for it because none of my stuff was damaged
  • the water is turned off in the apartment so I could not clean it
  • I had already cleaned the bathroom and some of the kitchen, which were unaffected by the soaking
The ceiling continued to drip, and two days later a huge portion of it crashed onto the floor, creating a worse mess.  Again, none of my remaining things were affected.

Saturday, one of my students came and helped me move the remaining furniture and papers to the New Apartment. I made three trips that day and two with him: he is a great kid but super-strong and has a truck. Two fantastic qualifications.

Monday and Tuesday I finished off the Old Apartment, including doing my best to clean the refrigerator, microwave, countertops, bathroom sink and toilet, and bathroom floor without water. I swept up a lot of the ceiling pieces (some more than 8 ft. long!) and toted to dumpster. The worst part of the ceiling detritus was stuck to the floor and will require more effort to get it up.

Left keys under mat of landlord (he wans't home) and came home to crash for a few hours. Then pack.

Yesterday, up at 5:30 for the shuttle to the airport, and here I am. On vacation... oh, and yes, I must tinker with the paper, print it out at the business office, check in to the conference, and have dinner (again) at that delightful restaurant.

So happy to be here!

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