Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Party!

Given the sad occasion of my pal leaving town--be it for a great summer gig at Utah Shakespeare Festival and then a much better job at U of U--I had my very first party in my New Apartment last night.

It was a small gathering of nine total, including me--well, ten with Jack, who made several appearances as "Host"--and I advertised the fare as being simple finger food and simple cocktails... an accurate view. My goal was to have no reason for utensils. Oh, and to use the new wet bar.

Success! On all fronts.

Food included:
  • baby carrots, cucumber spears, red pepper strips, and green onions
    • served with raita (Greek yogurt, diced cucumber, and cumin)
  • ripe strawberries, cantaloupe chunks, and gree grapes on the stem
    • served with Greek yogurt drizzled with honey
  • cracked pepper water crackers, wasa, pita triangles, and French bread slices
    • served with hummus
  • tortilla chips with guacamole
  • four kinds of cheese
Friends brought spicy chicken wings and baby quiches, as well as lovely bottles of wine.

And yes, I stocked the wet bar.

The best part, though: everyone initially gathered around the food table, filled their tiny plates, and yakked, but after an hour or so everyone settled in the living room with plates, glasses, and simply chatted, telling stories, sharing weekly events, and ctaching up. A really, really nice group of friends spending Friday night together. Which is exactly what I hoped for when I rented the New Apartment...

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