Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travelling with a small suitcase

For maybe the first time ever, my travel wardrobe was, in the words of Goldilocks, "Just right."

I used/wore everything I took, except one scarf and the red raincoat (but weather reports said rain rain rain for both Boston and the Hudson Valley). I took:
  • jeans
  • khakis
  • a red print wrap skirt
  • a rust-colored gored skirt
  • t-shirts: black, gray, and lt. gray
  • 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, a little dressier and black
  • blue button-up shirt
  • a black cardigan
  • a khaki jacket
  • a black dress
plus 3 pairs shoes, purse, tote, underwear, slip, 2 scarves, jewelry, 2 belts, pjs... and I wore everything! It was a 20" suitcase and I brought 5 books and a case of cosmetics/hair care/body care products, too.

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  1. Could you please mention what sort of luggage you used, and whether you would recommend it? I'm off for a 12 day trip to London, Paris and Munich in late October, early November, almost all work, but dressy casual work. I need to replace old and heavy luggage. I've been thinking about Eagle Creek Tarmac 28", but am now wondering if a Red Oxx Sky Train would be better, provided I cut down what I take. I'm strong, but am leery of hauling a non-wheeled suitcase from train station to train station. Any thoughts? Thanks! Martha


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