Sunday, June 26, 2011

This Week!

I decided that with my heat-induced lethargy I had better give myself specifics for the week. So here goes, and here's what to come this week.

Monday/Review: Two plays by local theatres
Tuesday/New Frugality: My recent experiments in purging
Wednesday: Who knows?
Thursday/Clothing & the ongoing Express Checkout Experiment: My closets
Friday: If I were in Paris...
Saturday/Cooking, eating & drinking
Sunday: Who knows?

Plus, because it's summer and I'm always looking for good things to do, I think I'll have a piece everyday about one of my favorite actors in classic movies, with my suggestions for what to rent, checkout from your library, watch on streaming/regular Netflix, or, if you're lucky, see on a big screen in some revivial art house near you.

Monday: Bette Davis
Tuesday: Claudette Colbert
Wednesday: Cary Grant
Thursday: Humphrey Bogart
Friday: Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly
Saturday: Family films

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