Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Things that Happened Yesterday

  1. Met a friend for dinner. Had great convo with her about her work and mine. Left 3/4 fries and 1/4 burger on my plate...
  2. Finally heard from publisher: only prelim message, but finally! Fingers crossed.
  3. Offered tickets for local show, which has gotten great reviews. Hope to see it this weekend, before it closes.
  4. Found a movie gift card someone had given me, that I had forgotten all about. Score: free movies!
  5. Sold something on Craigslist within a day of reposting it with better pictures.
  6. Was the high bidder on eBay for something that I had been looking for, for a long time. At 25% or original price, including shipping.
  7. Uploaded my pictures from DC.
  8. Got great advice from two friends and myself about how to rethink upcoming classes and production events, which led to a flurry of ideas about fall's classes, assignments, lectures, and programs. Great feeling.

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