Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update on Clarisonic: 6 months in!

In December I bought the Clairsonic Plus on eBay, including the normal & sensitive heads for the face and the body brush. It was a steal at 40% off, including shipping.

Since then, I've used the sensitive head every morning on my face, in the shower -- with my usual Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser, btw, not the Clairisonic products or Jurlique, which is being advertised so hard right now. I've use the body brush specifically on my hands and arms, which are always tan and had developed brown spots and simply rougher skin, my decolletage, and my shoulders.

Report: great success! On my face, the blackheads around my nose and upper cheeks that have driven me crazy since I was 13 are gone, almost entirely, even in the folds of my nose. This, without peeling, drying, or damage to the less oily parts of my face. Plus, the lighter brown spots that had started to emerge are al-most invisible now. The overall brightness and texture of my skin is better, and I am thrilled! On my arms, the rougher skin is gone, replaced by softer and smoother skin. The bumpy pimples -- or keratosis pilaris -- that is usually on my upper arms and shoulders is gone too, thanks to the high setting of the body brush.

I believe that the brush's daily exfoliation enables my body and face lotions to be better absorbed and to work better. Again, the condition of my skin overall is proof.

This is the best result I've had with any product, and, again, I don't think it matters what soap you use, but it will certainly help a specific cleanser (for example, one with acne-fighting salicylic acid) to work better. I do my face in two minutes and my body in about three, while my hair conditioner is working, say.

I think I'd still be thrilled if I'd bought it new for full price... but I'm glad I didn't.

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  1. The report of what these did to your blackheads made me sit up and pay attention. May have to track down one of these gadgets.


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