Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dreaded Study--in progress!

I did make progress yesterday, in putting up the new shelves and reorganizing both sets overall. I also started the process of identifying what will become "Goodwill" donations and what will stay, among my office supplies and organizing tools.

Basically? The second bookshelf is in place, the floor is clean, the cardboard/paper clutter removed. (Photos to come!) Lots more to do in here, but substantially less than yesterday.

I keep focusing on two ideas. First, that organized clutter is still clutter. Second, for me, out of sight = unused clutter. So labeling and open/clear containers will work best.

Here are some pictures I found around the 'net of offices that seem dreamy to me. Most are small spaces, smaller than my own and focused only on "office" work. But I like the minimalism, the clean design, and the colors. Although I would never have an office in avocado--a brighter green, yes, but avocado reminds me too much of the kitchen we had when I was about 7: 1970s avocado greeeeeeeeeen.

These next ones are another kind of office I crave: the one "out back," away from the house.

I love these! They suggest a lack of household distractions--like laundry, the phone, the state of the kitchen floor. One's own little island paradise.

This one's crazy:

And this one's self-evident.
Ooh la la!

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