Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Since it is summer, I am taking a small vacation. Leaving town (and the sun-surface temps) to go visit a friend. I am flying into Las Vegas tomorrow, and then we're driving up to Utah, where she is working at a  summer theatre (one of the more famous summer theatres!).

This week, I was planning to spend a good deal of time preparing for my va-cay, but instead I found myself dealing with sinus infection. Oh, well.

But here are my plans for today:
  • pick up prescriptions and cat litter
  • lay out and pack clothes (for six days, including two on planes)
  • clean kitchen and bathroom
  • set out directions for cat care by sitter
  • prep camera, iPod, Nook, and laptop for travel: charging, loading, etc.
  • get out suitcase and carry-on tote
  • call cab for 1-mile tip to airport...
Of course, I've never been to Las Vegas, so this is kind of exciting. Right--me and a few Amish people.

How did I never go to Vegas before?

In my former life I had a roommate who worked for Don King who went to Vegas regularly to attend fights--I turned down two separate invitations to go along. Why? No interest in professional boxing (or actually any other kind).

I did go to Atlantic City with two friends, once, after it became America's second gambling city (again, part of my former life). I spent the evening watching one friend lose a couple hundred dollars at the slots and the other play blackjack. Bo-ring.

My overnight two years ago in Reno reminded me why I dislike casinos: smoking, noise, and the desperate smell of people gambling and losing. Winning probably smells, sounds, feels different, but most people lose, yeah?

Watching people gamble is not interesting. At least, to me.

That said, I am actually looking forward to seeing live the color, sounds, and action of Las Vegas.

And, after that, Utah. I mean, look at these photos!

How does Vegas compare to these?

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