Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coming this week

Again, in trying to avoid procrastination and my own adult ADD (encouraged by summer's wide-open days), I am making plans for the week.

Monday: The study-in-progress, as I try to get my home office/writing studio in shape
Tuesday: Vive La Revolution! Planning for Bastille Day, 7.14
Wednesday: Touching base with my 2011 goals
Thursday: Closets & Clothes, looking toward the fall
Friday: If I was in Paris...
Saturday: Cooking for the week

Some Degas images for this week, while I think more about the lives, personal and professional, of female performers in Paris in the 19th century.

One of my favorites, a simple sketch

Just saw this in D.C. in person: colors fantastic

Working women: ironing

And thoroughbreds, Degas' other obsession

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