Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's Cooking?

This week I "cooked":
  • Herbed corn and tomato salad, with red onion (added) and goat cheese.
  • Salmon, easy poaching with Old Bay
The corn and tomato salad was ooh la la! I gobbled up the first two helpings yesterday for lunch, and plan to add another tomato and maybe some avocado today. The goat cheese added a nice touch of smooth creaminess. I could see including pine nuts, chickpeas, black beans, or green/red peppers. Maybe whatever is handy. It was simple, delicious, and sugar-free.

The salmon preparation is one of my favorites for this fish, and dead easy. Basically, I sprinkle Old Bay all over both sides of the skinless salmon steak or fillet, and put it in the top of a double boiler. Then steam it, simply, for about 20 minutes--or however "done" you like your salmon. Sometimes I also slice a lemon or lime and lay the slices on top of the fish, which adds some interesting flavor as well. No need to turn the fish: with the cover on the double boiler everything cooks through. The Old Bay adds lots of flavor, and while the salmon poaches you can prepare a salad, side vegetable, or simple rice dish to go with the fish. I've served this to lots of guests and never had a complaint (or an allergy issue). No sauce needed.

Besides that, it's all about apricots (in season), cherries (in season), cucumbers, peppers, corn, and tomatoes. Not a lot of variety, but loving the summer produce!

What are my plans for the weekend? Nothing but glamour...
  • Clean out the refrigerator of all too-old produce and leftovers
  • Take down two piles of "paper" clutter and recycle old magazines
  • Shop for weekly groceries, and follow-up by prepping week's vegetables and fruits for quick snacking
  • Put together the remaining IKEA bookshelf for my office
  • Watch the three Netflix movies that have sat by the TV all week
  • Attend a friend's concert (he plays the trombone)
Oh, and write and read for the article I am working on. Actually, that all sounds good....

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