Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Closet Challenge, Week 1

Overall report: last week was fine.

Of course, that was partly the weather and partly simply being the first week.How could I be bored yet?

This week I cleared out the clothes not on my list of 20 items (all shoved into my second closet, more about that later). Now my primary closet looks lean and mean.

And dark.

Wow! The closet is all about black and gray right now, with a minimum of blue, red and white. I've switched out last-year's brown, purple and turquoise for gray and more black. It's, um, dark in there. we'll see how that plays out toward week three & four.

This week's clothing plan:
  • Monday: Black jersey skirt, tights and knee-high boots with a cobalt cable sweater and gold jewelry.
  • Tuesday: Black pencil skirt, tights and patent leather heeled oxfords with a black cable turtleneck.
  • Wednesday: Black pinstriped trousers with black boots & belt, black jersey V-neck and black long cardigan.
  • Thursday: Black ponte dress with black sweater-coat, tights, knee-high books and silver jewelry.
  • Friday: Jeans, blue jersey V-neck, blue cashmere cardigan, brown boots & belt.
Thursday is pretty dressy, but I have an after-work meet'n'greet that I need to step up to. Friday this week has no meetings, but will be all about errands all over town.

Okay, the second closet... is jammed. Really hard to get everything in there, which is a Great Big Signal that I need to de-clutter that closet immediately and donate to Goodwill, sell on eBay, sell at consignment stores, something. Another task for February: get clothing donations/consignments set for March.

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