Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Style and a touch of drag

This week, I had two drag queens and a drag king come to my class to talk to my seminar students. It was a great class and discussion. Wonderful interaction... with cake!

Made me happy about my own 20-Item Style.

Week 2 is going well. I must admit that I had a slight rebellion Monday and decided to dress down. Jeans and a sweater instead of the carefully planned trousers/wrap cardigan/turtleneck/jewelry outfit I had scripted. The good news is that since the closet is so straightforward and everything is visible, i had no trouble finding clean, comfy clothes to substitute. Clean jeans, the same turtleneck and a different sweater over it all. And since the weather's been gray here in the Big D (!) black and gray as an overall choice are a little dark right now.

This week I'm wearing:
  • Jeans and a gray turtleneck, lighter gray cardi and brown boots
  • Black ponte dress, black sweater coat, black knee-hi boots and a long red/yellow/blue/black silk scarf
  • Black trousers, cream silk shirt, and black ankle boots
  • Black pencil skirt, black jersey top, gray cardigan, gray/white/gold scarf, black boots
  • Jeans, black cable turtleneck, black ankle boots, red/blue scarf
I'm really trying to work the bright accessories and white shirts! Next week I plan to try to use more gray than black, just to lighten it all up a bit.

I've realized that every week I need to add one scarf or pair of shoes to the mix. Not only to see if I should be giving them away (no wear, no have) but to mix up a limited number of pieces. I am unlimited in terms of accessories, after all.

Over at a couple of my favorite blogs, things are following my general scheme, but these authors have some good twists:

Miss Minimalist talks about the evolution of her capsule wardrobe:
The Vivenne Files is working the 33 wardrobe, week by week:
Already Pretty offers an interview with a woman committed to the capsule style:
Wardrobe Oxygen answers a reader's question about "basics":

The point is, ladies, more is not more when it comes to clothes and dressing ourselves. The excess celebrated by the "Real Housewives," rockstars and actresses in magazines like Vogue and In Style are pretty to look at but, just like a pantry full of cans, boxes, bags and bins that you never empty or need to re-stock, it is money wasted.

Well, money, energy and time wasted in truth.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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