Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a week! Stomach Flu and Simple Meals

Since Friday I have been battling with what feels like stomach flu, or a really, really strong case of nervous digestion -- which I often get during a tense or important project.

On and off since Friday afternoon I have been "ugh." With a lot of sleeping afterwards.

This morning I cancelled my classes for the day (My U does not take Prez's Day off) and slept late after sending a 6 am email/textmail broadside to students. Kind and sweet thoughts came back from them, but I was uninterested for a few hours. Then lay there bleary while Jack kept me warm and safe by lying on top of me.

Since I've been locked in the house since Friday -- except for a friend's b'day brunch Saturday -- I am bo-red with everything when awake. The house is clean, I've watched all of Season 1 of SCANDAL on Netflix and part of Season 2, and I am caught up on my email. The fridge is full of the week's meals. The dishwasher is empty and clean. The garbage and recycling are out, gone, taken care of. I am well enough to walk around just not well enough to feel 100% able to do usual things.

Now what? Bleah.

Maybe I should add what I cooked this weekend, despite everything:
  • Roasted red pepper and eggplant spicy spread -- which, with the addition of a couple of lean, cooked chicken breasts, becomes a delicious dinner casserole
    • roasted my own red peppers (on sale), bought eggplant (on sale) and everything else from the Pantry or Freezer (have 6 bags of roasted red peppers for future dishes, too)
  • Quinoa and black bean salad with lime-chili dressing, a very healthy carb and protein side dish/main dish that's good cold or slightly heated (all Pantry)
  • Cranberry-orange breakfast oat bars (all Pantry but orange)
  • Pink grapefruit-blood orange-navel orange fresh squeezed juice every morning, bought with bargains in the citrus area, 'cuz they're in season
  • Hard-boiled eggs, for quick protein
I also poached a salmon steak with Old Bay and lemon, which will be good for 2-3 dinners (all Freezer and Pantry). Still finishing off the chicken soup, too.

The up-side of this was last week I spent about $25 on groceries, since I only needed fresh fruit and vegetables. Not even dairy. This week, I'll need to replenish the dairy as well as the other stuff, so it should run me a little more. Plus cat supplies. Those tiny cans are crazy expensive, plus treats.

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