Thursday, February 21, 2013


Uh, oh. Somewhere in my travels around the web I picked up a spammer advert bug, one that hooks onto words and creates embedded ads. Cleaning out my laptop as well as my posts.

What a crazy week! First some kind of stomach bug that kept me home for two days this week, then a return to sinus/allergy troubles (one the active stomach bug was vanquished). The washing machine has been out of commission for over a week (waiting on a part) and just today got fixed.

Piles of dirty laundry await, about two days worth of catching up.

Other than all that, this week has been fine. Students are doing excellent work, house is in better-than-usual shape (despite laundry), and I am all over my own work.

And yet I have to ask myself why I feel "not great"? My first, probably right answer: mid-winter blues and a lack of exercise. I am conscientiously taking my hormones and vitamins, but have resisted all impulses to get out and walk, use my yoga videos or classes, or my in-house Gazelle. Or My U's state-of-the-art gym, which is unfortunately filled with students night and day.

It is literally time to step up.
  • January's resolution was to fix my money issues (still in process!).
  • February's resolution was to de-clutter my house.
However, I think it is time to get cracking on March's notion to focus on exercise and movement. A couple weeks early, sure, but I have a pretty strong feeling that will make a huge difference in my attitude. Frankly, the biggest benefit I get from walking, for example, isn't in my bottom but in my brain.

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