Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodbye, AT&T! Hello, decent service!

For those of you who have been following my saga of terrible service with AT&T yesterday I hit the wall: three hang-ups by operators while trying to set a new apppointment to hook up my DSL service. Like the bad bad boyfriend who treats you without respect then shows up with flowers, I have kicked AT&T to the curb.

Me: scheduled disconnect/new connection service on 4.12 for 4.15.
Them: disconnected service all right; connected new phone; showed up 4 hours early for DSL without accompanying phone call to my cell. I was at old apartment, waiting on movers.

Me: rescheduled on Saturday, after several phone-tree mishaps, for Saturday service before 8:30 pm.
Them: never showed or called.

Me: called Monday to find out what went wrong and reschedule.
Them: "lost" me three times, no one knows why technicians didn't show up on Saturday, and earliest appt. is Wednesday, 4.20.
Me: find an appointment Tuesday.
Them: we'll call abck with that in 2 hours. (Never called)

Me: Tuesday a.m. finally spoke with supervisor--no one would pass me on--to find out earliest appointment is Thursday now and it was my fault about Friday and Saturday--I "misunderstood" the operators on multiple accounts. But no real attempt to help me--unless I accept an appointment during my classtime tomorrow.

D-O-N-E. Breakup final and complete.... I have a new boyfriend, Time-Warner, who will show up.

We hope.

An open letter to AT&T: as a 30-year plus customer, I am done being treated as if you care less. You obviously don't care. The money I pay for service does not entitle you to waste my time, my money, and my mental strength. Your system is disorganized, limited, and labyrinthine. Your operators apologize without real regret, which demeans both them and me. They are powerless. I am powerless. You are a communications company without true communication. I envision a huge self-sustaining telephone switchboard run by electronic mice. If that is so, you will hardly miss me. I will certainly not miss you. Bye bye.

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