Friday, April 1, 2011

My Favorite Thing: Frugal Meal #1

Combining my "favorites" with frugality is good. This week I cooked one of my favorite frugal meals: frugal, because it includes 3 ingredients you can buy on sale or not, but usually have on hand.

Chicken with Salsa and Lemon (or Lime)

2 Chicken Breasts or 1 package of Chicken Tenders (boneless, skinless--of course!)

1 Lemon or Lime

1 Jar any brand/flavor Salsa

Here's the trick: buy good quality salsa! Like the all-natural kind. Embrace local, embrace organic and the flavor of this dish will soar! Plus you will eliminate preservatives, chemicals, fats, and sugar--yay, you!

Locally, I buy Mateo's -- no fat, no sugar, just organic ingredients locally made.

Put chicken breasts in baking pan. I use my Le Creuset 10x7 casserole. You can pound the breasts first if you want--or if you have a hard day--or just lay them out. Slice citrus thinly and lay out strategically over chicken. Pour 1/2 jar of salsa over chicken. Cook, uncovered, in 350-degree over for 35-45 minutes (depending on your over--check after 30 minutes). Serves 2-4, f you cut the breasts in half.

This is am amagingly savory dish, driven by the mild to hot salsa, according to your tastes

Make brown rice to go under, about 1 cup serving per person.
Make green side dish (asparagus, steamed broccoli) and use a second lemon to season.
Make an enormous salad.



  1. Love love love meals with lemon! I'm gonna try your recipe.
    I am waiting for the incredibly aromatic lemons from Sicily. Staying very often in the South of Italy, I appreciate Pasta or Risotto al limone.
    And, if I'm in the mood for fish, I slice two lemons, two onions and a few tomatoes, sprinkle with salt, sugar powder, pepper and olive oil. off into the oven and caramelize it.
    Then I add the seasoned fish fillets for five minutes or so, and, that's it.

  2. Barbara--those all sound delicious! I use Old bay on fish (I;m such a Yankee!) and lemon sliced on top. For salmon, it is the perfect seasoning!

  3. Your chicken recipe is simply wonderful!
    The only thing I changed was the rice - I love Basmati rice for it's taste and perfume.
    And, we had a glass of white wine, or two - or maybe three.... Barbara


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