Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up on goals for 2011

Since the first quarter of 2011 is gone, I want to update myself on my progress this year.

Improving my health: While I haven't lost any weight, the weekly yoga classes and rides on the bike to and from My U have been great. Ditto moving the "small stuff" into my new apartment. I feel better. And I'm adding happy face stickers to my calendar on a daily, not weekly, basis for every day I complete 30 minutes or more exercise. Weight Watchers has been a bit of a bust, but I am hanging in there. The best news: thus far, I have had no serious allergy/sinus episodes (meaning, lasting longer than 4-5 days), which is already a huge difference from 2010. And I have definitely improved my mental self-talk: no more beating myself up. I am catching myself earlier, rescripting my interior monologues, and simply refusing to listen.

Changing my living situation: In progress. By April 30, I will be entirely in the new apartment, enjoying 50% additional space, a wet bar, an outdoor patio, and a kinder, gentler, non-crazy landlord.

Manage my resources: Regular payments into credit accounts have already closed out three of my four cards; the other is being paid down steadily. Moving means decluttering, selling, and throwing away; yesterday I visited Buffalo Exchange with some clothing, for example. Pantry challenge is slowly but steadily emptying my cupboards and freezer. Time continues to be precious, but I feel I have a better handle on it right now. technology: set "acting" folders in emailboxes, clean out email boxes weekly, set daily times to check email (no more than 3 times daily!).

Build a stronger community: Making time for coffee, dinner, brunch with friends. Part of the charm of my new place is that I can, finally, entertain friends at home again!. Working on My U community and local theatre community to develop connections. Working on distance relationships with great friends who live too far away. One goal I want to leap on: connecting with Habitat for Humanity this month.

Creative work and closure: Sent out novel manuscript. Sent out plays and monologues. Subscribed to Script Frenzy, and opportunity to write 100 pages in 30 days (11 down!). Pitched proposal for play translation to colleague (more about this, this week, and I continue to negotiate this situation!). Brought playwriting festival at My U to successful process/production incorporating not only students but faculty and guest visitors. Oh, and writing my blog at least 5 times weekly.

The good news is that I have been active in each category and accomplishing small goals, or parts of larger goals.  Since balance is my overall goal for 2011, I am pleased with my small series of accomplishments; a lot has actually been done.

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