Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frugal Tuesday... and more!

Yesterday's task was to contact credit card companies and see if I could get a better rate. Remember, if you will, that in December I made these calls and no one could improve the rates?

Same thing yesterday... except it turns out I HAVE GREAT RATES... comparatively. Which means I am sad for the rest of America. But I also checked my credit rating and golly wow -- good news! Except that they are two months behind on two cards... so maybe it is even better?

This is happy news, as was my comparison on all cards, because with two rents this month, I am broke. Good to know which card to use for lowest rates... sigh.

Keep in mind:
  • April pantry challenge (not taking that food with me!)
  • April freezer challenge (ditto!)
  • Craigslist ahoy! Furniture and appliances and computers, oh my!
  • Consignment store visit ahead
  • Book/record/DVD selling ahead
  • Returning two pairs of Lee jeans bought online and not quite right... this week!
  • Cleaning out crazy study -- shredding papers, old checks (!), tossing dusty files
Minimalism and de-cluttering make me happy.

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  1. Get rid of the most credit cards.
    I hate those companies .
    Last month I took cash from my credit card account and have to pay interests although there is enough money on my account. But, my credit line is limited to € 500 and that's the only thing which counts.
    Banksters. Barbara


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